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Super fast WordPress hosting

So why is our hosting so fast!

Simple, our team have dedicated themselves on fine tuning our servers to deliver super fast websites, whether your hosting a simple website, blog, eCommerce, community website or something even bigger! our servers are built from the ground up to deliver super fast websites.

Not only do we use leading edge hardware but we also use leading edge software like Litespeed.

We offer a FULL 30 day money back guarantee on all our hosting plans. But we know you will not be disappointed.

If your website is built with us, we super super super fine tune it to run super super super fast. This includes setting up Litespeed and Object caching which reduces database queries and speeds your loading time 9x faster than standard Apache servers.

Basically in a nut shell, we really do our best to accelerate your website!

So what is the difference between sharedVPS and Dedicated.

Well an awful lot really, when we start a new project we listen to our clients future needs, we don’t just offer the cheapest option just to get the gig, we simply would rather be up-front and inform our clients exactly what they will need from the start, that said, the cheapest option is more or likely the best option to start from and as your website grows so will your hosting need to.

For example, if you run a simple brochure style website and your going to get like 5,000 hits per month, then our shared hosting is completely adequate for this and it is also super fast! however, if you have the same hits which are going to be converted into customers purchasing via an eCommerce solution then really the best option is a VPS. That way it has the dedicated resources to handle multiple transactions and queries at the same time, however, that said you could always start from a shared hosting package and move up if it is not adequate.

Moving on to what the differences between the three, we will break it down like Sharing an apartment, having your own apartment or your own detached house.

Shared hosting is like the big brother house, lots of people running around all under the same roof and in the same house they all share the same bathroom, kitchen, living room etc. Just like shared hosting, you are sharing the resources of the server with multiple websites. With shared hosting your server is completely maintained and secured (as is the Big Brother house) by the server owner. So you don’t have to manage or worry about the upkeep of your server.

Now a VPS (Virtual Private Sever) is a bit like living in an apartment block, you have your own contained space with your own resources however, your apartment is part of a building and so you can’t really change anything like build an extension or modify the fire escape without effecting the whole building. So a VPS means you are allocated dedicated resources for your container, but you can’t change the hardware. You are sharing the same hardware as everyone else on that server but your have your own dedicated resources so this means you are not sharing the memory or disk space with other containers. It also means you are responsible for the maintenance and security of that container (as you would if it was your apartment).

Finally, a Dedicated Server is simply that, its your own server dedicated to you. Just like having your own detached house. You are completely free to do what you want with that server and you are completely free to upgrade its resources at any time. All the resources are dedicated to just your web application and just like a VPS you are responsible for its maintenance and security but you are free to install any software you want on that server.

We hope that explains the difference between the three most common hosting plans.

When our customers purchase a shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting plan from Bridgecode we manage everything, we set it up and we look after the maintenance and security.

Find out more about our hosting plans here.