social media

We guarantee at least 5000 more Instagram followers across all our packages!

social media

We guarantee at least 5000 more Instagram followers across all our packages!

Social Media Guru’s

Let us make noise!

Social media management by Bridgecode, full social media management and integration with full post calendar and content

We write social media content on behalf of our clients which is designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the right frequency, for each platform. Our social media content experts are all UK based English speaking, they will profile your company and create a tailored program of promotion which goes out 5 days per week. If you require 7 days per week we can also quote for this.

Our standard packages are from £195p/m


2 daily posts
5 weekly image posts

Includes FREE Cross-Platform Sync.
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3 or 4 daily tweets
5 weekly image tweets

Includes FREE Cross-Platform Sync.
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2 daily updates
5 weekly image posts

Includes FREE Cross-Platform Sync.
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Also includes:

  • Social Dashboard Pro Account
  • Custom content about your company
  • Custom hints and tips for your industry
  • Your  can interact with us via our support system
  • Easy 7-14 day content review system
  • All content by UK English speakers

What you can expect:

  • Keep social media feeds active and interesting
  • Reach new potential customers
  • Better social media visibility.
  • Track the campaign easily inside the dashboard
  • FREE Cross-Platform Sync.
  • We manage all replies for our customers 24-7
  • We guarantee all our new clients a minimum of 5000 additional Instagram followers – FREE.

Cross-platform social media sync

FREE cross-platform sync, we can set up a simple sync to cross-post your tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts across your various social network, set delay times and much more. This increases your social activity and increases your posts.

How does it work?

It’s very simple you add the Social Media package from Single, Double or Triple to your account, then our content experts will  profile your company and gather the niche content for your industry (you can also add any media of your own we encourage this) our content experts will then produce a 5 day social media promotion within your dashboard and then you can watch your social media engagement blast off.


Can I modify the content?

You are provided with a Social Media dashboard with a very intuitive interface and calendar view, you will see a 7-14 day content program which you can easily review, modify or delete.


Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts but our minimum term is 1 month as the feature is priced per month, we do however recommend at least 6 months to see a real benefit.

How does cross-platform sync work?

Simple, we set up a few robots which automatically re-post content we have written for each platform, some clients don’t want this option but some do. We can set the re-post to go live as soon as its tweeted or posted or delay/schedule these for a later time.  It provides a real boost to your social media campaign and works brilliantly with eCommerce solutions.  Works with most Social Media platforms and can also include WordPress.


What type of companies benefit from your packages?

Our social media packages explained above are designed for all types of companies of all sizes. We offer a more advanced social media management tool for franchises and large corporations. This comes with your own branded pro panel, dedicated Social Media Manager. These packages are the elite and start from £900 per month to £3000 per month.  For more information about our corporate Social Media management please contact us here.

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