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At Bridgecode our SEO experts will help drive more clicks to your application by carefully optimising your site’s architecture and on-page content. This enables your website to reach new heights and ensures your website is given the best possible way to rank in SERPs.

By creating unique content which is targeted around specific search terms will bring more value to the SERPs and will build site authority.

Our SEO experts want nothing more but to help their clients rank naturally on search engines.

Whether your website is built with Bridgecode or not, we will deliver a detailed SEO site audit, enabling us to identify the issues and allow us to correct the work we need to fix your search engine optimised websites.

Unlike  PPCPay Per Click advertising SEO can not be bought, your site has to earn this to be ranked accordingly. We use a combination of unique content and dynamic content sections to build site authority.

From the basics, social integration, keywords, tags, exclusive contentGoogle punishes duplicated content on the net, so if your site has content that exists elsewhere your rank can be affected to the performance of your website our SEO experts will master it all.

Content is King!

So many of our clients over the years have neglected the importance of on page SEO.

One of the most crucial components to SEO is ensuring your content is unique and reflects your brand, services or work, we then combine this unique content with keywords which are best tailored to your industry and your services.

It is imperative that you have content areas which are dynamic rather than using just static content on all your web pages.

FREE SEO Niche Finder

Visit our FREE SEO Niche Finder and enter as many niche phrases to see your page rank, possibility rank, citation, backlink count and more. It’s totally free and you we see exactly where you are currently and if you choose for us to manage your SEO you will see all your reports here plus ongoing SEO ranking.

Website built with us?

If you website is being built with us we include our Standard SEO package, this includes utilising the design, our code, seo plugins and rich snipets to boost your site. However, our Standard SEO does not cover all basis of our SEO Audit service which we recommend for more detailed web applications, eCommerce stores or your really looking to push your brand out there.

SEO Audit, what is it?

SEO Audit packages covers every element of your websites online visibility, our SEO experts spend a lot of time optimising every single part of your website to organically produce higher rankings with search engines.

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