Your website deserves more, our hosting plans are dedicated to delivering speed, security and flexibility. Whether its a simple blog website to complex e-commerce solutions all the way to individual web application scripts, our hosting plans are dedicated to deliver you exactly what you need.

Shared Hosting

Provided for free when your site is built with us.

Just £4.95 per month This package suits most standard websites, blogs, smaller eCommerce platforms and simple booking websites.




Suitable for eCommerce Solutions

From £19.95 per month

This package suits busier websites and websites which run busy eCommerce solutions

We recommend this package to all eCommerce customers, however our shared hosting package can easily fulfil a standard eCommerce website


Dedicated Server

Suitable for hungry applications

Just £95 per month

For those websites that require more dedicated resources and script running will need their own finely tuned dedicated server.

We set up, manage and fully optimise your server for the best security and performance.


When your website is simply outstanding you simply need outstanding hosting!

Before choosing your website it is imperative that you hosting is fully capable of meeting the demands of your application. 

We recommend reading this important article about Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting. 

Here at Bridgecode if we build a website for our client, we want it to be as fast as possible, some applications are completely fine running on our shared hosting plans and some just require more power and speed so we recommend one of our fine tuned VPS or Dedicated packages. Here at Bridgecode we have our own servers and all our hosting packages includes everything you need to be online, super-safe and super-fast. 

All our plans come with complete set up, if you have a domain all we need you to do is transfer this to our stack, and if you don’t already have a domain you can purchase one from our sister company We can do this for you and we can also set up your hosting/server package and make sure all the settings are correct for your web application/platform. When purchasing a VPS or Dedicated package we completely fine tune your server in order to optimise security and speed.

It is important to bear in mind that our servers are PCI DSS Compliant which is a requirement if you are running an eCommerce platform and all packages include SSL, Malware scanning and full daily backups of your content.

Take a look at our outstanding features below!

100% SSD Storage

All our packages have full 100% Solid State Drives. The fastest available load times.

Server Side Cache

Our severs are fully optimised for the best caching to speed up load times.

SSL Included

Your website is fully secured with its own SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare. More information here.


We use Cloudflare for your DNS speeding up CDN delivery of your website. Find out more here.

FREE Domain

Free domain for the length of your hosting.

FREE Backups

We back up all our servers every day. Restore your site any time.

Email & Security

Unlimited email address with full Magic Spam security.

Malware Scanning

Free daily malware scanning of your website keeping you safe and at the top of Google.


Most of our features are unlimited, however VPS products come with restrictions see here.

NO Contracts

No contracts cancel and move at any time.

Control Panel

Access your hosting via Plesk, cPanel or our Hybrid control panels.

PCI DSS Compliant

Our e-Commerce solution customers benefit from PCI DSS Compliant servers.


One click installation of over 200 applications.

DDos Protection

All our servers are protected against DDoS attacks.

G Suite

One click G Suite set up. Why use G Suite?

UK Data Center

All our servers are located within the UK.

Litespeed Technology

All our servers are configured with Litespeed caching, if your website is built with us we configure the caching to optimise your website for speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Cloudflare ?

Cloudflare is a form of CDNContent Delivery Network it is also a secondary security measure. So Cloudflare can not only speed up your website but can also improves its security.

What isn’t included ?

There inst much that isn’t included in all our packages, our hosting packages come with the same features as most hosting providers provide. However, we do have a fair usage policy for our Shared hosting and our VPS & Dedicated packages do not come with Unlimited Space or Bandwidth.

What is the main difference between Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers ?

We have written an article here where you can see the full differences between Shared hosting and our VPS and Dedicated hosting, however in short the main differences is that with a Shared package you are using a pool of resourcesThis ranges from disk inodes to RAM, Bandwidth upto CPU & Memory with other web applications on the same server and with VPS and Dedicated you get your own dedicated resources.

Why should we choose Bridgecode for our hosting ?

There are hundreds of hosting suppliers available in the marketplace and most all use the same terms and same features. With Bridgecode our hosting is the Next Generation of hosting. We don’t just put thousands of websites on one server and wait for disk warnings. We fine tune our servers specifically for the websites we run. We allow them to auto-scale across our network and we ensure they are super-fast.

Do you offer full setup ?

YES, we would love to help you set up your hosting environment, if you choose standard Shared hosting this is already set up and optimised to the best standards. If you choose VPS or Dedicated we will set this up and fine tune the sever configuration to ensure you are getting the best security, speed and reliability.

What is Litespeed?

Litespeed is an Apache drop in web server that is proven to be up-to 9x faster it comes with built in security and caching and will certainly speed your website up dramatically. We couple Litespeed caching with database optimisation to ensure static pages are served super-fast.

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