It’s so frustrating when we hear a client say… “they said it will be slower than other sites because we opted for WordPress” this is a load of rubbish.It is true that WordPress may slow your website down and in fact parts of it does (larger blogs which require processing lots of MySQL queries), but that doesn’t mean your “website” has to be slow!When we quote “website” we mean the site your general visitors see when they first visit your site, slow loading websites just don’t cut the mustard for average web surfer! and they certainly don’t cut the mustard over here at Bridgecode !!So what actually slows down your WordPress?Well poor code, poor themes, lots of plugins, poor optimisation, no caching, or even having a dab at it yourself the list is endless.But having a WordPress site doesn’t mean it has to be slow! trust us.When we build a WordPress sites it’s because a client usually requires easy content management, so whilst static HTML sites load faster they really arn’t any good for the majority of our clients who wish to edit their site on an ongoing basis. Albeit, if you wanted a really super fast website, static HTML + a separate editable BLOG or News CMS could be the answer.But, back to the “we opted for WordPress so thats why its slow”Well no, we believe that it just isn’t optimised as well as it could be, or it is hosted on basic shared hosting or has no caching support.So why are our WordPress sites super fast – well, not only do we use the best servers (our own hosting) which are pre-configured with Litespeed server caching, we also optimise your WordPress with Litespeed and Object caching all this plus A grade coded themes which eliminates the need for bloated plugins, your WordPress pages will be as fast as static HTML pages!Find out more by contacting us today  

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