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How does cross-platform sync work? Marketing, Social Media

Simple, we set up a few robots which automatically re-post content we have written for each platform, some clients don't want this option but some do. We can set the re-post to go live as soon as its tweeted or posted or delay/schedule these for a later time. It provides a real boost to your social media campaign and works brilliantly with eCommerce solutions. Works with most Social Media platforms and can also include WordPress.

Are there any contracts? Marketing, Social Media

There are no contracts but our minimum term is 1 month as the feature is priced per month, we do however recommend at least 6 months to see a real benefit.

Can I modify the content? Marketing, Social Media

You are provided with a Social Media dashboard with a very intuitive interface and calendar view, you will see a 7-14 day content program which you can easily review, modify or delete.

How does it work? Marketing, Social Media

It’s very simple you add the Social Media package from Single, Double or Triple to your account, then our content experts will profile your company and gather the niche content for your industry (you can also add any media of your own we encourage this) our content experts will then produce a 5 day social media promotion within your dashboard and then you can watch your social media engagement blast off.

What are the main benefits of having your own APP? APPS

When you integrate a loyalty feature or mCommerce feature or discount feature in order for your user to use such feature they have to register an account with your APP. You are completely in control of those users and benefit from sending push notification offers, rewards, inbox messages and so much more. It’s your own custom base database.

Which eCommerce solutions does your APPS integrate with? APPS

Because of our unique turnkey solutions, we have several options, there is a standalone mCommerce which uses the APPS own eCommerce solution, thus does not require a web store. Or we can integrate the APP to work seamlessly with Woocommerce and Magneto. However we also have a standalone food ordering app which uses its own system designed specifically for restaurateurs and food businesses. See more below.

Will APPS be live on the stores? APPS

Yes, all APPS go live on Google play and the Apple APP Store. We submit these using our developer’ss account. You can also choose to submit the APPS using your own developers account, you will need to have both a Google Developers account and an Apple Developer Licence. Find out more about this here.

Is there a limit to push notifications? APPS

No, you can send as many push notifications to your users as you want, push notifications can be sent to all users, topic subscribers or to individual users.

Can I change the APP at any time? APPS

Within the control panel of your application you can make changes to most part of your APP and it will be automatically updated to the users phone. However, if you need to make a major change or add a new feature we will re-submit your APP to Google and Apple on your behalf.

Are APPS fully designed? APPS

The price you pay for the build cost is for the APP to be built in your brand, colors, schema etc. The monthly fee covers important updates and usage of the APPS control panel.