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Social APPS

What is a social APP? This is an APP geared around small social groups. It is no different than a social media app like facebook or linkedin with the full ability to post and upload your context. This sort of APP is Ideally geared towards small independent groups or niche businesses. Our APP building service includes full wireframe boards so you can work with us to deliver your APP just how you want it. Find out more by contacting us today on 0330 043 7063 or contact us online here.
mobile apps from Bridgecode

It’s not as complicated as it sounds

We build cross-platform APPS which includes our social APPS. They work across all platforms and are available to download via the retrospective APP store. You can even modify parts of your APP through the admin interface without republishing the APP to the APP store.

Just some of the features you can include in your APPS. Read more from our FAQ

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We have helped small and medium-sized businesses connect to their end user in a more fun and interactive way using mobile applications like, offering loyalty schemes, integrating your eCommerce or a simple directory.  For example take a look at one of our companies which specialises in providing local food businesses their own take away APP

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APPS Social Media APP £995.00