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Deliver an interactive and fun way of communicating with your customers.

Just like our web design solutions, Bridgecode have a number of turnkey solutions for businesses wanting their own APPS live on Google Play and the Apple APP store.  We are pioneers in building APPS for small and medium businesses, from loyalty applications, directory applications to eCommerce applications. We love to build APPS and we also love integrating your web application directly in your APP.   Getting your own APP for your business is not as hard or as expensive as you think; with our ready-made solutions we can have you live in the APPS stores in a matter of days*

*almost all Google Play applications are live within 7 days. Apple APP Store takes longer as they screen all applications before they go live.

All our APPS are cross-platform and work across both Android and iOS. You can edit most parts of the APP at any time without having to re-submit the APP to the store. Our most popular APPS are small and medium-sized businesses offering loyalty cards to their customers as well and location-based APPS. However, we can build almost any style APP. We love to {code} this is our day to day grind, hence why we love to build APPS. There is a lot of {coding} involved in building APPS and many moons ago this would have cost a fortune to go live on the stores, however, you can get your own APP live on the APPS stores from as little as £195.


We have helped small and medium-sized businesses connect to their end user in a more fun and interactive way using mobile applications like, offering loyalty schemes, integrating your eCommerce or a simple directory.  For example take a look at one of our companies which specialises in providing local food businesses their own take away APP Hungrychops.com

Just some of the things are our APPS can do?

From mobile e-commerce to loyalty APPS.

Loyalty Card Apps

Interact with your customers and offer incentives to return using a Loyalty APP.


Offer your customers one-time or returning discounts via your own branded APP.

QR Codes

Offer your customers APP only QR coded coupons allow them to scan on or off your site to reveal your coupon.


Your APP can seamlessly integrate with your WordPress application.


We can send all your registered APP users straight to your MailChimp list.


All our APPS are fully GDPR compliant with full privacy policy integration.

Directory or Location based APPS.

Offer a full directory or location based APP allowing your users to get real-time location information.

Push Notifications

Full push notification integration allowing you to send instant messages to all your users, groups, topic subscribers or individuals.


Full e-commerce for your APP allows your customers to purchase your products straight from your APP.

mobile app by bridgecode admob


Monetise your APP using Google AdMob

Banner or Interstitial
Choose banner adds, interstitial adds or both.

Promote your apps for free
Cross-sell your other apps (or your client’s apps) to your existing users, using free AdMob house ads.

Find out more about AdMob here.

How long does an APP take to be built?

Usually, the length of time the APP takes to be built depends primarily on the content, if you have the content ready we can build your APP and have it live in the APP stores within days.

Are APPS fully designed?

The price you pay for the build cost is for the APP to be built in your brand, colors, schema etc. The monthly fee covers important updates and usage of the APPS control panel.

Can I change the APP at any time?

Within the control panel of your application you can make changes to most part of your APP and it will be automatically updated to the users phone. However, if you need to make a major change or add a new feature we will re-submit your APP to Google and Apple on your behalf.

Is there a limit to push notifications?

No, you can send as many push notifications to your users as you want, push notifications can be sent to all users, topic subscribers or to individual users.

Will APPS be live on the stores?

Yes, all APPS go live on Google play and the Apple APP Store. We submit these using our developer’ss account. You can also choose to submit the APPS using your own developers account, you will need to have both a Google Developers account and an Apple Developer Licence. Find out more about this here.

Which eCommerce solutions does your APPS integrate with?

Because of our unique turnkey solutions, we have several options, there is a standalone mCommerce which uses the APPS own eCommerce solution, thus does not require a web store. Or we can integrate the APP to work seamlessly with Woocommerce and Magneto. However we also have a standalone food ordering app which uses its own system designed specifically for restaurateurs and food businesses. See more below.

What are the main benefits of having your own APP?

When you integrate a loyalty feature or mCommerce feature or discount feature in order for your user to use such feature they have to register an account with your APP. You are completely in control of those users and benefit from sending push notification offers, rewards, inbox messages and so much more. It’s your own custom base database.

Loyalty APPS

We have been building loyalty applications for our customers for years, these are not to be mistaken by one of those APPS where all businesses are under one APP or design.

This is an individual APP in your branding, with your own incentives, with your own offers, push notifications and your own users. Our Loyalty APP features offer various styled loyalty cards, from simple stamps to progressive loyalty schemes.

loyalty card apps by bridgecode

Introducing Hungrychops

We have built a dedicated system for restaurateurs and takeaway owners who would like to benefit from 0% commission on their sales by having their own branded takeaway APP live on the APP stores.

Find out more at Hungrychops.com

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